Helen works with adults (18 and over) and can help with the following conditions:


  •   Addictions

  •   Adjustment Disorders

  •   Agoraphobia

  •   Anxiety

  •   Bereavement

  •   Body Dysmorphic Disorder

  •   Bulimia

  •   Depression

  •   Employee Assistance

  •   Habit disorders e.g. skin picking and hair pulling

  •   Low self-esteem

  •   Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  •   Panic

  •   Perfectionism

  •   Performance Anxiety

  •   Phobias

  •   Pure “O” (unwanted and distressing obsessive thoughts without visible behavioural compulsions)

  •   Post-traumatic stress disorder

  •   Social anxiety disorder

  •   Student Stress (18 and over)

Helen has extensive experience working with older people and can also offer assessments if you are worried about your memory. She can offer advice on memory strategies, as well as assisting family members to understand the needs of relatives

with dementia.

Dr Helen Barker

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

35 Park Place


CF10 3RL

During lockdown working online only.


Telephone: 07828942681

Please note: if you are unable to reach me, it may be due to lack of signal. If this is the case, please use WhatsApp instead.


Email: helen@flowpsychology.co.uk

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